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Personal Income Taxes and Bankruptcy

How are personal income taxes dealt with in a personal bankruptcy case. Well it depends on the facts, such as for example, were your income taxes ever filed, when were they filed, are you being accused of filing a fraudulent income tax return, or whether you willfully attempted in any manner to evade or defeat the tax, or is there a tax lien or levy.

If the personal income taxes your trying to discharge in a bankruptcy are deemed to be non-dischargeable, then those debts will remain. If your personal income taxes that you owe have a tax lien or levy, then they are secured debt.

The purpose of this article, is not to offer legal advice but to give you an understanding that if you owe on personal income taxes, and you intend on pursuing a bankruptcy, there are many complexities on whether personal income tax debt are able to be discharged. Facts matter, seek out an experienced bankruptcy attorney to represent you in a bankruptcy. Ensure that you understand from that bankruptcy attorney the game plan that will be implemented on dealing with those personal income tax debts, and what is expected from you.

If you owe back income taxes, have tax liens etc., then CALL US TODAY at 989-891-9780 for your free initial bankruptcy consultation. It is always good due diligence on your part to know all your options at your disposal to deal with this financial distress you find yourself in.

I have over 18 years of experience filing successful chapter 7 and chapter 13 cases, and would love to help you! I am so concerned about my clients that I have a 7-day availability to meet with them. Call me at (989)891-9780, even on weekends and if it’s late at night leave me a message, we will return your call/message. Call and schedule your FREE initial bankruptcy consultation, You can also schedule your free bankruptcy consultation on our website at

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