Uncontrollable Debt and Stress

I have been a practicing bankruptcy attorney since 2004, and all during that time span, I have seen first hand, the physical and mental stress that uncontrollable debt can cause on a individual. From the initial consultation meeting, my client's level of physical and mental stress is clearly visible and at its highest point. Money is a huge reason for stress, and a simple Google search confirms what I already have experienced through my years as a practicing bankruptcy attorney. Credit card debt in the U.S. as reported by the Federal Reserve had eclipsed a trillion dollars in March of 2018, and 43% of the people in the U.S. spend more money each month than they make, which obviously cre

FACT OR MYTH: ‘Aren’t people who file for bankruptcy required to give up all their possessions to th

Without fail, every time I’m introduced to someone for the first time and the discussion of what do I do for a living comes up, and I tell them that I’m a bankruptcy attorney, more often than not, the person will make the statement that ‘Aren’t people who file for bankruptcy required to give up all their possessions to the Bankruptcy Court’. Over time, this notion would always be expressed to me and I was dumb founded as to why this notion, which is more of an urban myth, still remained in people’s fears about a bankruptcy. Just getting beyond the notion that you must surrender to the Trustee via a Bankruptcy Court all your worldly possessions as ridiculous and nonsensical, it got me to th

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