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You've decided to explore all your financial options on your matter and you're considering pursuing a personal bankruptcy. Maybe you've researched a little on the internet, or maybe you've asked your friends for a possible referral.

At this point, your head might be spinning with what you've read or been told about bankruptcy. I myself have either read or heard some misunderstandings about how a personal bankruptcy works. For instance, I have read were some have stated falsely that filing a chapter 7 requires you to give up all your personal belongs etc. which is not true. Or that your retirement accounts can not be protected in a bankruptcy, again false. Those are just a few of the samples of what I have come across.

I do recommend seeking an experienced bankruptcy attorney, because when you file a bankruptcy petition, you do so by declaring as true under penalty of perjury that you have disclosed everything, not just what you only want to disclose. Moreover, the bankruptcy code is very specific with case history behind its various interpretations, that's where an experienced bankruptcy attorney can really matter the most.

If you are considering seeking a personal bankruptcy and would like to possibly hire my office to represent you, I offer a free initial bankruptcy consultation. My free initial consultation consist of analyzing your eligibility for debt relief under a chapter 7 or chapter 13 personal bankruptcy. My purpose is to provide you with advice on what is most beneficial to you given your debt situation, as well as legally what you are eligible for. I further provide you with the 'how much it will cost' to file the bankruptcy with my office including the fees that the Bankruptcy Court charges as well as the estimate cost of the required credit counseling. I follow up that initial consultation with a letter I send you concerning what I have advised including cost.

I understand that the 'how much it cost' can be a driving factor on how people choose their attorney to represent them in a bankruptcy, as it is natural for people with limited income to seek out affordable legal services. Keep in mind that some bankruptcy cases can be very complex, but many are very routine. My fees are very affordable in relation to the many many years I have been a bankruptcy attorney. Again, I have also felt that experience always matters, no matter if you're hiring someone to fix your car, cut your hair, or perform a medical procedure on you, that experience is what you're looking for to get the job done right.

Remember that your consultation with an attorney is a confidential conversation and is protected under the attorney/client privilege, but it only extends to the client or clients (if filing as a married couple). So, it is best that only the potential clients take part in any attorney client consultations etc.

Myself and my staff are fully vaccinated from the Covid-19. We offer in-office initial consultations, as well as Zoom and by phone. Schedule your free initial bankruptcy consultation today at or call at 989-891-9780. We can also be found on Facebook.


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