Bankruptcy Filing Fees, Attorney Fees, Debtor Credit Counseling Fees For a Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 case

  • The Bankruptcy filing fee for a chapter 7 bankruptcy case is currently $338.00

  • The  Bankruptcy filing fee for a chapter 13 bankruptcy case is currently $313.00

  • Debtor pre-bankruptcy filing credit counseling and pre discharge credit counseling fees can range from $24.00 per individual or married couple to as high as $50.00 per course and the counseling is mandatory.  Our clients will pay currently approximately $24.00 for the pre-bankruptcy credit counseling and currently approximately $20.00 for pre-discharge credit counseling per individual and couple, with a Court approved agency that we have selected.  We have no control over the amount that a credit counseling agency will charge and the agencies vary in pricing.

  • Chapter 7 attorney fees that we charge are based upon among other things, your particular set of financial and legal facts and situation, your assets, how much money you earn, the types of debts you owe etc. All chapter 7 cases are different, with some more complicated than others, and as such my attorney fees will reflect that notion.

  • Chapter 13 attorney fees are structured differently, whereby I ask for a nominal amount towards the retainer, with balance of my attorney fees coming from your chapter 13 plan payments. 

My Goal is to help everyone in need of financial debt relief, and I will work with you

because I firmly believe that everyone should have affordable legal services.